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The way we live has changed. The new world is made up of large societies spread over acres. Where our children play and our families grow. Isn’t it important that these spaces are kept safe at all times?

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Key Features

Built on an Open Source Platform using PHP and MySql. Software Architecture, SecureCampus is a relief to someone in charge of managing large residential complexes or similar areas. It’s built in features helps you keep track of attendance, details of visitors, announce events and hold meetings in communities.


Online attendance with photo identification. See detailed reports on login and logout time.

Visitor Management:

Get detailed customized reports on unknown or first time visitors including photograph, name and contact number. Keep track of log-in and log-out times of housekeeping staff and tenants.


Maintenance entry and reminder, print maintenance invoice and maintenance reports.


Manage maintenance and up-keep of your common amenities like water supply, elevators, generators etc.

Notice Board:

Public Notice board – Announce important events, invitations and meetings via SecureCampus where it will be visible for all the society members
Private Notice Board - For personal use when sharing important data

Payroll management:

Complete payroll management of employees

SMS Alerts:

Get SMS alerts whenever a visitor arrives.

Report and Invoicing

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Jatayu Guard's features

Visitor Login with Mobile No. verification and image capturing
Visitor list, Event List (All upcoming events with their guests of society members listed here and guests will get the entry without any mobile verification just capturing his/her image.), Servant Entry: Servants like sweeper, washer etc get the entry using his/her user code and image capturing without mobile verification because he is already listed as a servant. Servant List: by default List all currently logged in servants, Notice Board: List all public notices added by society admin or member.

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Jatayu Member's features

Member Login Dashboard: Showing logged in member related data in form of figures, Visitor List: List all members whose came to meet logged in memberMaintenance Report: Showing all Maintenance related report to be paid or for pay to society.Notice: All notices created by logged in member and their replies Event: Manage Event create/update and add/modify guests on added events Servant List: Lists all servants whose came in logged in member's home for work, Complaints: List all complaints and their replies added by logged in member and also new complaintsCustomer Care: Add a entry for customer care like all vendorsHelp: List all help and their replies added by logged in member and add new help

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Jatayu Vender's features

Update Profile
Update own services
List all enquiries related to Logged in vendor and reply on it

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Silent Features:

Jatayu provide one stop for all information about your society

Manage societies

Makes it easier to manage societies, Transparent & connected society

24X7 Support

Support local cause (help the deprived), Work on local issues with 24X7 Support in 8 Languse

Secure with encription

Secure data with two encription system (Russion 228 bit + Mantra Encruption)


SMS & Email Alerts, Announcements, Notice Board, Members Directory, Useful Contacts, Documents, Bill Alerts, Accounting, Payments and More

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Operate Jatayu from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer

Security is a major concern in any Society (Complex). An effective method to improve security is to control the entry of people at the entrance itself.
SecureCampus with Simple interface yet very powerful engine is a perfect choice for today’s highly demanding security needs. An application built on Server – Client allows the system to be used in a very effective manner. A well-defined system that maintains the complete information of the people stay in the Society, Employees Working & Different types of people like Visitors, Vendors & contractors visiting the society


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